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Our WebLip department has been developing complete online solutions for over 15 years, maintaining and updating a large portfolio of customer sites and online stores.

The process of creating and/or updating a site published in virtual space is dynamic and endless. To start this process, we will prepare an individual offer based on your needs and requirements. In it, we will describe in detail the required pages to build, the integration with the desired payment methods, as well as all the necessary modules that will be needed for the smooth and smooth operation of your store. We will make all necessary adjustments to the ordering process and completion of each purchase.

All this makes up the complete development from the beginning to the end of your online store, with an exact deadline and price for the amount of work done. SEE MORE>>>

Immediately after construction, almost every website needs maintenance. It consists of updating and adding the information in it, changing images and clips, updating the applications that are used. Not maintaining a site means potential security risks, slower loading times, and out-of-date information. Thus, it begins to lag behind the sites of competing companies on the market. The greatest need for support are e-shops, real estate sites, news sites and all others of this type, in which information is edited daily. There are two options for website maintenance – by the owner or by a specialized company. We offer both specialized support and training to the owners of the respective site. SEE MORE>>>

SEO is completely different from (paid) search engine advertising. With paid advertising, you pay search engines like Google to display your website on the search results page. Instead, with SEO you optimize your website so that it organically appears on the first page of search results. The number of visitors who come to your website through these search results is defined as organic traffic (because they found your website themselves).

Why should you implement SEO strategies and start learning the basics of SEO? This is because of the many benefits that SEO brings to website owners. SEE MORE>>>

If you want the products and services you offer to be in the first search results for a given keyword or phrase, we offer to create Google Ads advertising campaigns for you. The ad starts appearing immediately after the correct and setup, thus not wasting months of work and investment in SEO optimization.
Creation of advertising banners for your Internet advertisement that will be displayed on the display network by Google’s advertising partners. SEND INQUIRY>>>

Facebook is an important factor in the world of digital marketing.
That’s why we want to offer you a service through which your Facebook brand, website, page or app can reach the right audience of users. Thus, a large number of people will become your followers or will be able to make direct contact with you.
We will prepare an advertising campaign on Facebook and Google Ads for you and help to expand your presence on the web.

Services include:
– Selection of appropriate keywords corresponding to the search of your customers;
– Defining keywords and text boxes for campaign ad groups;
– Setting text and banner advertising on targeted partner websites;
– Measuring the value of advertising;

– Analyzing and setting up a user audience according to criteria suitable for your business;
– Effective marketing messages;
– Preparation of detailed monthly analyzes on the effectiveness of the advertising campaign;


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