Internet advertisment


Google Adword and Facebook campaigns

If you want the products and services you offer to be in the top search results for a keyword, we offer Google AdWords campaigns. The ad starts to appear immediately after the campaign starts, thus not losing months of work and investment in SEO optimization.

Create banner ads for your online ad that will appear on the Display Network by Google’s advertising partners.

In recent years, the Facebook social network has been an important factor in the communications world.

That is why we want to offer you a service through which your brand, website, page or app on Facebook can reach the right audience. Such a large number of people will become your followers or will be able to contact you directly.

We will design a Facebook advertising campaign for you and help increase your social networking presence.

Services include:

Choosing the right keywords to match your customers’ demand;
Defining keywords and text boxes for campaign ad groups;
Setting up text and banner advertising on targeted affiliate websites;
Measuring the value of advertising;
Analyzing and setting up a Facebook user audience;
Performing detailed monthly analysis on the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.